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Saint Paul Police Federation

(Saint Paul, MN) - Dave Titus, President of the Saint Paul Police Federation today issued the following statement. 05/26/2016

"Yesterday, social media in general, and Rashad Turner of Black Lives Matter St. Paul in particular, once again used video released without context to fuel the flames of an anti-cop sentiment that is irresponsible, inaccurate, and dangerous to St. Paul Police Officers and St. Paul residents alike. The incident at St. Paul Central High School involved an experienced school resource officer, well-trained not only in proper deescalation tactics, but also very knowledgeable about policing in a public school setting. Rather than ascertain the facts and evidence that accompany the entire story, Turner and his cronies, used a snap-shot of the incident captured on video to remove context and demonize St. Paul Police.

As I’ve stated more times now than I can count, as the facts of the entire story come to light, the public will once again learn how the officer followed proper procedure to address this trespassing incident by a young male who was not a student at Central High school, which resulted in the disruption of classroom activities during preparations for critical final exams.

My question to Rashad Turner and others whose sole intention is to create friction and upheaval between communities of color and police officers is, why don’t you put the same passion and conviction into addressing the striking increase of violent crime perpetrated by and victimizing our young people in 2016? Where is the same uproar when St. Paul sees more and more victims of violent crime, particularly among our youth? I suspect Mr. Turner’s motives are self-serving – so as long as he has an audience, particularly with our elected officials and media, we will continue to see more of the same and no progress in making our schools and neighborhoods safer."

David A. Titus - President, Saint Paul Police Federation

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